Meet EastView’s Staff – Jonathan Philbrick, Lead Server

Jon1Jonathan “Jon” Philbrick has been employed at EastView longer than any other current employee.  Jon was hired in May of 2012 as a dishwasher and has worked in the Food Services department ever since.

Jon, an only child, was born in Wareham, Massachussets, and moved to Vergennes when he was about four years old.   Jon says that, when he graduated from Vergennes Union High School, “I took a year off just trying to…I said I was trying to figure out what I was doing, really I had no idea what I was doing, so…I was kind of hoping someone would give me the push…”  One day, as Jon and his dad were driving down the street, they saw a Job Fair for EastView:

Dad: “We’re going to this”
Jon: “What’s EastView”
Dad: “I don’t know but you need a job. We’re going to it!”

Jon applied for and landed the dishwasher job in 2012.  He says that he was a “very shy person…in my shell,” and he wanted to become more people-oriented.  So, he asked to work as a server, and, for a while, he split his time between dishwashing and serving until a full-time server position became available.

Jon is now a Lead Server, and part of that position’s responsibilities is to provide training to new servers.  Jon enjoys training and seeing the different ways in which people learn and understand things.  “You never get the same personality or learning style twice,” he marvels.

Jon loves the people at EastView; he enjoys the “life history” of our residents and interacting with them.  He also values his relationships with his co-workers, saying, “Yeah, I really enjoy working here.”

Jon was taking classes majoring in Human Services but paused when, about six months ago, his daughter Attlyn was born. While he wants to continue his education, he decided that he needed to work, care for the family, and “get some sleep,” as well. He loves being a daddy and finds it very rewarding, “I never really thought that just seeing my baby smile would be so, like, make-your-world, kind of.  It’s like…you can’t beat that feeling!” Jon feels that, since becoming a father, he has learned to “not sweat the small stuff” as much and finds that he “doesn’t get as grossed out anymore…it’s amazing how that happens.”  Jon plans to continue his education in the near future, but, while he wants to continue doing something with people, he still isn’t sure exactly what that careerJon will be.

As a note, Jon is a huge Star Wars fan: “Until my girlfriend made me stop, I had every Star Wars book and toy.”  Jon met his girlfriend Sarah here at EastView in 2014 when he was working as a dishwasher and she was on a School-to-Work program.  Jon, Sarah, and Attlyn currently live in Addison.


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