Slow down and take a walk

We see them and do not understand.
We see them and do not recognize.
What used to be their mind.
What used to be my friend,
Gone, left behind.

We see them be on point,
We see them be complete,
Then they disappear in a blink.

At times a glimmer of understanding.
A glance of hope.
Then like a switch we are back to here,
Is there some place you must go?

Hard to leave you here,
Hard to say goodbye,
But I know you are safe.
With EastView at your side.


It was a Wednesday morning and several of EastView’s Memory Care residents, accompanied by Activities personnel, were returning from a walk around Eastview paths. I said to one of the residents, “Wonderful day for a walk!”

She replied, “Yes, sitting on bench, sun, beautiful.” The sentence was not complete, but the meaning sure was. I had tears in my eyes from understanding her joy at being outside and enjoying the walk and beautiful landscapes within our community. There are many days when I, too, walk around EastView and feel immense joy and piccomfort.

It is so important to remember that even though a person’s mind has changed, he or she is still the same person we married, celebrated, and looked up to. It is often hard to remember and celebrate the finer days and moments when we are faced with difficult behaviors and blank stares. And, it is hard and nearly impossible to feel like you are the same people or the same couple you were before, before memory loss, before Dementia, before Alzheimer’s… before it all started.

But, we can still grasp at moments of joy while on walks, or while listening to music, or while just sitting next to each other on a bench quietly. We can learn to appreciate, in those few moments, who they now are, and be thankful, never forgetting who they were.

Having those you love change is difficult and hard to understand. At Eastview we try to make the best of the present by creating moments filled with opportunities for joy and comfort. For example, our residents mingle with the entire Eastview community, attending events, and participating in our ice cream or strawberry socials!

Come and see our Memory Care Unit come see how we celebrate life and support our families and residents.


Andrea J. Masse Director of Health Services

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