Live Fire Safety Training at EastView

We would like to thank David Morrison of Fire ProTec for presenting at our Annual Live Fire Safety Training received by EastView staff members on May 15th.


David pointed out how fortunate our EastView community is to have an Inn Building with fire protection features such as our sprinkler system, fire/co alarms with monitoring, fire rated doors, Ansel kitchen hoods, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and our “Defend in Place” construction which provides fire rated apartments and safe spaces throughout the building.

We were also reminded how critical the first few minutes of an emergency are and that how we react during this time can make the difference in saving lives.  We are all empowered to take the following actions during an event to help keep people safe.

Critical actions in any emergency response to fires include:


Rescue – The first priority is always to protect the safety of people in immediate danger.

Alarm – Pull the nearest fire alarm in any case of fire. It is far better to have the fire department respond and not be needed than not to respond as soon as possible when needed.

Contain – Close all doors and windows to contain the fire and limit its expansion as much as possible. Use fire doors to help protect residents, staff and visitors.

Extinguish –  Extinguish small fires if possible but not at the risk to your safety or the safety of others.

Use of fire extinguishers follows the PASS system:

Pull the pin, unlocking the control lever.

Aim low, point the nozzle or hose at base of the fire.

Squeeze the lever which starts discharge.

Sweep from side to side, continuing this motion until flames disappear.

We wish you a safe and Happy Memorial Day!

Brandon Streicher
Facilities Director


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