Live Fire Safety Training at EastView

We would like to thank David Morrison of Fire ProTec for presenting at our Annual Live Fire Safety Training received by EastView staff members on May 15th.


David pointed out how fortunate our EastView community is to have an Inn Building with fire protection features such as our sprinkler system, fire/co alarms with monitoring, fire rated doors, Ansel kitchen hoods, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and our “Defend in Place” construction which provides fire rated apartments and safe spaces throughout the building.

We were also reminded how critical the first few minutes of an emergency are and that how we react during this time can make the difference in saving lives.  We are all empowered to take the following actions during an event to help keep people safe.

Critical actions in any emergency response to fires include:


Rescue – The first priority is always to protect the safety of people in immediate danger.

Alarm – Pull the nearest fire alarm in any case of fire. It is far better to have the fire department respond and not be needed than not to respond as soon as possible when needed.

Contain – Close all doors and windows to contain the fire and limit its expansion as much as possible. Use fire doors to help protect residents, staff and visitors.

Extinguish –  Extinguish small fires if possible but not at the risk to your safety or the safety of others.

Use of fire extinguishers follows the PASS system:

Pull the pin, unlocking the control lever.

Aim low, point the nozzle or hose at base of the fire.

Squeeze the lever which starts discharge.

Sweep from side to side, continuing this motion until flames disappear.

We wish you a safe and Happy Memorial Day!

Brandon Streicher
Facilities Director


My EastView Experience

Aging and the end-of-life process is hard, both for the individual experiencing it and for his or her family. There is always sadness, doubt, and frustration. For me, however, EastView at Middlebury helped to ease the process and provide much-needed warmth and love.

My mom was 98 yePic1ars old, virtually blind, and confined to a wheelchair when she moved into EastView. I visited my mom at least four days a week for over a year, and, during that time, I got to know and love many of the residents and many of the staff.  I saw first-hand the care and respect that my mom received for who she was.  The staff took the time to understand her, appreciate her sense of humor, her strong vocabulary, and her intelligence.  One by one, they fell in love.  I could tell that they had done the same with all of the other memory care residents.  No matter what time of day or night, when I arrived, I witnessed each and every person being treated with respect and kindness.

Prior to moving to EastView, my mom had been living in my home with me, who was her caregiver around the clock.  However, a change in her circumstances had made it clear that I would be unable to continue caring for her myself.  I needed to find an alternative. When I toured EastView, I knew almost immediately that it was the perfect place for my mom.  The staff was friendly and happy, and the memory care and residential care residents were welcoming, content, and engaged.

When it became clear that my mom was passing away after a year at EastView, the number of people who came to her room to say goodbye was a true testament to the quality of her care.  Many staff members came by, including dining staff, caregivers, and management. Most were in tears.  My mom was not conscious, but they sat with her, thanked her for coming into their lives and for the influence that she’d had on them and told her how much she had meant to them.  They were also truly present for me aPic2nd my family; we had no idea when my mom was going to pass, but hospitality carts were provided, sleeping arrangements made, and I received numerous hugs and sincere support from everyone who I saw.  It was beautiful and moving beyond words.

It was the love, respect, and care that my mom received from everyone around her at EastView—caregivers, staff, management, and other residents—that made me apply for the job of Director of Sales & Marketing.  I loved everything about EastView, and I knew I could stand behind it one hundred percent.  I love working here!

Cari Burkard
Director of Sales & Marketing