It’s a Good Day

It’s a good day when you get to do something that you love.  This morning started before the sun came up, with a cold run up Snake Mountain.  There’s nothing like the view from the top, and on this particular morning, the sun was just a teenie bit brighter than the lights of Port Henry.  I took a moment to catch my breath and headed down, looking forward to what the day would bring.

I walked through the parking lot of EastView, through the doors, and down the hall where I could smell eggs and toast, and could hear laughter.  Some of the greatest caregivers I’ve known were scurrying into rooms with sing-song voices, helping our friends and family to get ready for the day.  There was soft music playing in the dining room, coffee brewing, and smiles all around.

“Work” is defined as exertion or effort, and yet it doesn’t feel that way here.  It feels like a second home; a place where we are lucky enough to spend time making others feel good.  This is a place of safety and security; of health and happiness; of friends and family; a place where our biggest focus is improving the quality of life for those we serve.  We laugh and cry together, and spend some of life’s most significant moments together.  It’s an honor to be here–an honor to be invited into the lives of everyone in our community.

I’ll end my day with my rowdy kids, but I’ll still hit the pillow feeling rejuvenated.  It’s exciting to think about what lies ahead.  We’re dedicated to making our presence known in our community, giving back to Addison County and its’ members.  We want to reach out and educate–to help families have hard conversations–to empower YOU with knowledge so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones.  So stay tuned!  And thank you for letting us be a part of your day.