EastView hosts Addison County Health & Wellness Fair

Midd Grads September 2017 018EastView hosted the annual Addison County Health & Wellness Fair on Saturday, September 16th.  The Fair was held on the grounds of EastView’s Inn, with mountain views, the Alpine Garden, and the Terrace gardens providing a beautiful setting for the event. Well over a hundred people attended the Fair, despite temperatures that exceeded 90 degrees.

Vendors and participants included: Addison County Home Health & HospiceCounseling Services of Addison CountyWilcox Pharmacy, Medicine Chest, Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, RAD – Innovations Adaptive Bikes, Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports, Ginger Lambert’s Backyard Bootcamp, Yoga with Ambika Gibbs, Chair massage by Amy Goeff, At Home Senior Care, Hospice Volunteer Services, RN Foot Care (Val Doria), and UVM/Porter Medical Center Express Care.

WPLB FM 103.7 & 97.9 Moose Radio broadcast live from EastView throughout the event.  EastView’s nursing staff provided free blood pressure screenings at the Nurse’s Tent; there was a flu vaccination clinic provided by Wilcox Pharmacy; and there was a small job fair that enabled interested people to learn about job opportunities here at EastView.  Residents enjoyed biking on adaptive bikes from Vermont Adaptive Bikes, thanks to the generosity of the family of the late EastView reMidd Grads September 2017 019sident, Ellen Burke.  Children enjoyed pony rides, face painting, and “Sudsy putty” molding soap from Vermont Soap, and Chris Prickett and Friends provided live music on the Terrace.  Cabot Cheese and Sunrise Orchards generously donated healthy food for the event.

EastView extends a huge thanks to the many Resident volunteers, staff, and participants who worked together to make this event a success.  We look forward to next year’s Addison County Health & Wellness Fair, which will be held at EastView in early May 2018.


Meet EastView’s Staff – Jonathan Philbrick, Lead Server

Jon1Jonathan “Jon” Philbrick has been employed at EastView longer than any other current employee.  Jon was hired in May of 2012 as a dishwasher and has worked in the Food Services department ever since.

Jon, an only child, was born in Wareham, Massachussets, and moved to Vergennes when he was about four years old.   Jon says that, when he graduated from Vergennes Union High School, “I took a year off just trying to…I said I was trying to figure out what I was doing, really I had no idea what I was doing, so…I was kind of hoping someone would give me the push…”  One day, as Jon and his dad were driving down the street, they saw a Job Fair for EastView:

Dad: “We’re going to this”
Jon: “What’s EastView”
Dad: “I don’t know but you need a job. We’re going to it!”

Jon applied for and landed the dishwasher job in 2012.  He says that he was a “very shy person…in my shell,” and he wanted to become more people-oriented.  So, he asked to work as a server, and, for a while, he split his time between dishwashing and serving until a full-time server position became available.

Jon is now a Lead Server, and part of that position’s responsibilities is to provide training to new servers.  Jon enjoys training and seeing the different ways in which people learn and understand things.  “You never get the same personality or learning style twice,” he marvels.

Jon loves the people at EastView; he enjoys the “life history” of our residents and interacting with them.  He also values his relationships with his co-workers, saying, “Yeah, I really enjoy working here.”

Jon was taking classes majoring in Human Services but paused when, about six months ago, his daughter Attlyn was born. While he wants to continue his education, he decided that he needed to work, care for the family, and “get some sleep,” as well. He loves being a daddy and finds it very rewarding, “I never really thought that just seeing my baby smile would be so, like, make-your-world, kind of.  It’s like…you can’t beat that feeling!” Jon feels that, since becoming a father, he has learned to “not sweat the small stuff” as much and finds that he “doesn’t get as grossed out anymore…it’s amazing how that happens.”  Jon plans to continue his education in the near future, but, while he wants to continue doing something with people, he still isn’t sure exactly what that careerJon will be.

As a note, Jon is a huge Star Wars fan: “Until my girlfriend made me stop, I had every Star Wars book and toy.”  Jon met his girlfriend Sarah here at EastView in 2014 when he was working as a dishwasher and she was on a School-to-Work program.  Jon, Sarah, and Attlyn currently live in Addison.

Meet our Board of Directors – Augustus “Gus” Jordan, Chairman

Gus Jordan PhotoAugustus “Gus” and Laurie Jordan moved with their three children to Middlebury in 1996. Gus serves as executive director of health and counseling services at Middlebury College and Laurie is the Chaplain of the College. Laurie offered a prayer for EastView at our ground breaking in 2012, so the Jordans have had ties to the EV community since early in its history.

Gus received his PhD in counseling psychology from Notre Dame in 1992, and had a full time private practice in South Bend for about 5 years. Once coming to Middlebury, he taught in the Psychology department for about 8 years, then moved into administrative roles, serving as the director of the Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, associate dean of the College, acting dean of the College, and dean of students, before taking over at health and counseling in 2011. In his current role he spends about 75% of his time with administrative tasks, overseeing three departments with about 26 staff, and he spends about 25% of his time working directly with students.

Laurie and Gus have three grown children. Their son Andrew lives with his wife in LA (they work in the entertainment industry and recently released an independent thriller on Amazon and iTunes – on the scary side!); their daughter Katherine is just completing her masters’ degree in counseling and lives in Vermont; and their youngest daughter Lindsay lives with her husband in New Haven, Ct., where she is completing a masters degree in environmental management. Lindsay spent this past summer in Miami, Fl., studying the effects of rising tides on the city’s infrastructure as Miami plans for the future, which, as we have seen with the tragedy in Houston, is going to be an ongoing and increasing concern for coastal communities.

Gus enjoys jogging and playing squash, reading novels in his spare time, and working around the house. Recently, their three children were all visiting at the same time, and Gus had the privilege of going for a three mile run with all three of them. It was a great treat for Gus to have the family together!

He joined the EastView Board this year and became Chair of the Board in July, 2017.   He is showing his enthusiasm and interest in listening to others and moving things forward.  EastView is a better place with Augustus Jordan, PhD at the helm.

Meet EastView’s Staff – Julner Remy, Caregiver

Remy, JulnerOn meeting Julner Remy, known to all as “Remy,” the first things you’ll notice is his warm and friendly smile and his soft, lilting Caribbean accent.

Remy was born in Haiti, the fourth of six children.  At about age 9, Remy lost his parents and was moved to an orphanage in Port-au-Prince.  Remy and one of his brothers were raised in the orphanage by caring staff.

As he grew older, Remy began to give back at the orphanage by teaching art. He later worked on the staff of an orphanage for children with developmental disabilities and spent time working with Alzheimer and dementia patients.


St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, Haiti – 2012

While working in Haiti, Remy met his wife, who is a native of Whiting, Vermont. At the time, Alison was working as a volunteer teacher at an orphanage in Haiti.  In 2008, Remy traveled to Iowa to attend an art class at a mission school. This was Remy’s first trip to the USA and when he returned to Haiti in 2009, according to Remy, their “love continued to grow.”

At the end of 2009, Remy, Alison, and their young son moved to Whiting, Vermont. When he first arrived, Remy worked a variety of jobs, primarily in camp counseling and caregiving. Remy came to EastView as a caregiver in February of 2014 and loves his job.

He says, “If I ever leave here, I don’t think I’ll find anywhere else as enjoyable to work.  We have a good group, good community.” Remy’s Haitian heritage impacts the way he thinks about his job. “The residents, they are like family to me. In Haiti,” he explains, “we have a custom that we respect our elders. I think of all of the residents like family to me…[I] love them and respect them as I would respect my own family.”

Remy who is devoted to this field, hopes to become a nurse and work with dementia patients.  He has taken some classes in an effort to achieve this goal. He says that he wants to better understand what dementia sufferers go through and to give back to society as others have given to him.

Remy, who now has three sons aged 11, 2, and 7 months, has come to enjoy Vermont, though he is not a fan of the cold winter months or the snow. However, he celebrates his Haitian culture and roots, often sharing his heritage at Eastview.


Remy drumming and dancing for EastView residents

For example, Remy is a very accomplished drummer and dancer. The orphanage where he grew up had a theater group that once performed for the Pope. Haitian cultural dance has its roots in African dance and Remy has performed for the residents.  He says, “It is something different for the people here in Vermont to see and enjoy.”


By Julner Remy

Remy also continues to work on his art and has his work displayed at Creative Space in Vergennes.  His work was also displayed during the Arts Walk in Vergennes this past summer. Most importantly, he has had his work featured here at Eastview where we have all been able to enjoy it.


By Julner Remy

It is such a pleasure and privilege to have caring, loving people like Remy working here at EastView.  If you get a chance, stop by and get to know him…and enjoy his accent.

Slow down and take a walk

We see them and do not understand.
We see them and do not recognize.
What used to be their mind.
What used to be my friend,
Gone, left behind.

We see them be on point,
We see them be complete,
Then they disappear in a blink.

At times a glimmer of understanding.
A glance of hope.
Then like a switch we are back to here,
Is there some place you must go?

Hard to leave you here,
Hard to say goodbye,
But I know you are safe.
With EastView at your side.


It was a Wednesday morning and several of EastView’s Memory Care residents, accompanied by Activities personnel, were returning from a walk around Eastview paths. I said to one of the residents, “Wonderful day for a walk!”

She replied, “Yes, sitting on bench, sun, beautiful.” The sentence was not complete, but the meaning sure was. I had tears in my eyes from understanding her joy at being outside and enjoying the walk and beautiful landscapes within our community. There are many days when I, too, walk around EastView and feel immense joy and piccomfort.

It is so important to remember that even though a person’s mind has changed, he or she is still the same person we married, celebrated, and looked up to. It is often hard to remember and celebrate the finer days and moments when we are faced with difficult behaviors and blank stares. And, it is hard and nearly impossible to feel like you are the same people or the same couple you were before, before memory loss, before Dementia, before Alzheimer’s… before it all started.

But, we can still grasp at moments of joy while on walks, or while listening to music, or while just sitting next to each other on a bench quietly. We can learn to appreciate, in those few moments, who they now are, and be thankful, never forgetting who they were.

Having those you love change is difficult and hard to understand. At Eastview we try to make the best of the present by creating moments filled with opportunities for joy and comfort. For example, our residents mingle with the entire Eastview community, attending events, and participating in our ice cream or strawberry socials!

Come and see our Memory Care Unit come see how we celebrate life and support our families and residents.


Andrea J. Masse Director of Health Services

For additional memory education and support go to: https://alzfdn.org/

Celebrating Our Staff

The hard work and dedication of our staff makes EastView a vibrant community for all our residents. The Health Services staff caring for our residents in Residential Care and Memory Care; the Dining staff preparing and serving delicious and nutritious food; the Programs staff ensuring that our residents have access to activities and programs; the Facilities staff keeping our property well maintained and looking its best. The staff here at EastView take pride in our community and work diligently to make EastView a great place to live.

Every year, EastView hosts a staff appreciation luncheon to celebrate the work that each and every employee contributes. This year’s luncheon took place on Tuesday, June 20. We were treated to a delicious BBQ chicken lunch catered by Cecil Foster of Bristol. Potato salad, watermelon salad with feta, baked beans, salad, and on and on. And to wash it all down…Will’s Lemonade provided squeezed-to-order refreshment.

New to the party this year, our own Andrea Masse, Director of Health Services, provided rides around the property aboard her own version of a Party Barge – a wagon pulled by 2 Percheron horses, Pinot & Rex.


While our staff makes Eastview home for our residents, they also help create a dynamic environment in which to work. We are always looking for outstanding individuals who want to make a positive, lasting contribution to our community! For more information on open positions please visit the “Join Our Team” page on our website or submit your resume to greatplacetowork@eastviewmiddlebury.com.


VT Adaptive Biking Activity Days at EastView

What is Vermont Adaptive? Who are they and what do they do?

Also known as Vermont Adaptive Ski & Pic3Sports, Vermont Adaptive is an organization that promotes independence and dignity through modified sports equipment. Vermont Adaptive is geared toward individuals with physical, cognitive or mental/behavioral impairments. They have a wide range of equipment for activities including biking, tennis, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, horseback riding and many more!

Ellen Burke, a former resident of EastView who passed in the Fall of 2017, was an extremely caring, active and beautiful woman. Her daughter Maggie, and husband Mike, visited her so often they were part of our EastView family. Mike and Maggie, who works for Vermont Adaptive, donated two days of Adaptive Biking to EastView in memory of Ellen Burke and to give back to EastView. It was a great way to say “Thank you”.

Pic2On Wednesday, May 17th, around 10am, a white van and trailer pulled into the EastView parking lot. Three employees jumped out and started to roll out bicycles, one by one, from the back of the trailer. About 10 bicycles of all shapes, colors and sizes were lined up in the sun. Bikes with one seat, bikes with two seats, bikes with 2 wheels, bikes with 3 wheels and even bikes with 4 wheels rested on the pavement next to a pile of helmets. Fifteen EastView residents came by to check the bikes out, some even took them for a spin. A couple of staff members joined in the fun at various times, to get a hands-on feel for how the bicycles rode. We had one resident take out her very own recumbent bike and strike up a conversation before she pedaled away on a ride into Middlebury. There was a steady flow of residents who participated in the event from 10am- 2pm. Residents pedaled on the paved path around EastView and some even went twice. Most reactions were exclamations like; “I haven’t been on a bike in years!” and “This is wonderful!” Smiles and warm sun touched all that participated.

Vermont Adaptive came back for a second biking activity day on Friday, June 9th, from 10am-2pm. This time they were parked in the front parking lot that leads into the EastView lobby. We had a total of twenty-one residents from EastView participate which was a bigger turnout than the first day. The weather was beautiful and sunny. We had a many people relaxing in the rocking chairs for a majority of the time. Overall, a very successful, memorable couple of days at EastView at Middlebury. We hope to have Vermont Adaptive back in the future either with bicycles again or another outdoor sports activity.

Thank you so much, Vermont Adaptive and  Maggie and Mike!


Live Fire Safety Training at EastView

We would like to thank David Morrison of Fire ProTec for presenting at our Annual Live Fire Safety Training received by EastView staff members on May 15th.


David pointed out how fortunate our EastView community is to have an Inn Building with fire protection features such as our sprinkler system, fire/co alarms with monitoring, fire rated doors, Ansel kitchen hoods, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and our “Defend in Place” construction which provides fire rated apartments and safe spaces throughout the building.

We were also reminded how critical the first few minutes of an emergency are and that how we react during this time can make the difference in saving lives.  We are all empowered to take the following actions during an event to help keep people safe.

Critical actions in any emergency response to fires include:


Rescue – The first priority is always to protect the safety of people in immediate danger.

Alarm – Pull the nearest fire alarm in any case of fire. It is far better to have the fire department respond and not be needed than not to respond as soon as possible when needed.

Contain – Close all doors and windows to contain the fire and limit its expansion as much as possible. Use fire doors to help protect residents, staff and visitors.

Extinguish –  Extinguish small fires if possible but not at the risk to your safety or the safety of others.

Use of fire extinguishers follows the PASS system:

Pull the pin, unlocking the control lever.

Aim low, point the nozzle or hose at base of the fire.

Squeeze the lever which starts discharge.

Sweep from side to side, continuing this motion until flames disappear.

We wish you a safe and Happy Memorial Day!

Brandon Streicher
Facilities Director

My EastView Experience

Aging and the end-of-life process is hard, both for the individual experiencing it and for his or her family. There is always sadness, doubt, and frustration. For me, however, EastView at Middlebury helped to ease the process and provide much-needed warmth and love.

My mom was 98 yePic1ars old, virtually blind, and confined to a wheelchair when she moved into EastView. I visited my mom at least four days a week for over a year, and, during that time, I got to know and love many of the residents and many of the staff.  I saw first-hand the care and respect that my mom received for who she was.  The staff took the time to understand her, appreciate her sense of humor, her strong vocabulary, and her intelligence.  One by one, they fell in love.  I could tell that they had done the same with all of the other memory care residents.  No matter what time of day or night, when I arrived, I witnessed each and every person being treated with respect and kindness.

Prior to moving to EastView, my mom had been living in my home with me, who was her caregiver around the clock.  However, a change in her circumstances had made it clear that I would be unable to continue caring for her myself.  I needed to find an alternative. When I toured EastView, I knew almost immediately that it was the perfect place for my mom.  The staff was friendly and happy, and the memory care and residential care residents were welcoming, content, and engaged.

When it became clear that my mom was passing away after a year at EastView, the number of people who came to her room to say goodbye was a true testament to the quality of her care.  Many staff members came by, including dining staff, caregivers, and management. Most were in tears.  My mom was not conscious, but they sat with her, thanked her for coming into their lives and for the influence that she’d had on them and told her how much she had meant to them.  They were also truly present for me aPic2nd my family; we had no idea when my mom was going to pass, but hospitality carts were provided, sleeping arrangements made, and I received numerous hugs and sincere support from everyone who I saw.  It was beautiful and moving beyond words.

It was the love, respect, and care that my mom received from everyone around her at EastView—caregivers, staff, management, and other residents—that made me apply for the job of Director of Sales & Marketing.  I loved everything about EastView, and I knew I could stand behind it one hundred percent.  I love working here!

Cari Burkard
Director of Sales & Marketing

Health and Wellness Fair!

We are getting pumped for our first ever Addison County Health and Wellness Fair, THIS SATURDAY!!!  We’ve got over 20 local vendors who are all striving to help people get (and stay) healthy, including Backyard Bootcamp, Rev Fitness, Vermont Sun, Vermont Spine Works, Porter Women’s Health, Juice Amour, Middlebury Foods, Waterfalls Day Spa, holistic healers, and many more!  We’ll have raffles every hour, and fitness classes for all ages every 30 minutes.

What’s for the kids, you ask??

A BOUNCY HOUSE!  Face Painting!  Popcorn!  Firetruck and Ambulance tours!  Music and dancing provided by Papa Grey Beard!  We’ve got it all!!  

It’s sure to be a fantastic event for the whole family, so please stop by and see us THIS SATURDAY, from 10am-2pm, at EastView–just beyond Porter Hospital.